I've always loved food and cooking... but it wasn't until recently that I realised just how much. Having spent the last five years as a project manager and public sector consultant, I'm leaving it all behind to pursue a career as a food writer and photographer in Sydney.

As a young kid, I remember sitting at the kitchen bench and watching my parents cook our family dinners - I was too young to really know what they were doing, but I was fascinated by it all (and to this day I still don't understand how they managed to pump out such great food with just two gas burners!). 

It wasn't until high school that I started learning how to cook - and unlike most of my friends, Food Studies quickly became my favourite class. While everyone was busy throwing flour, playing with those finger skateboards or flirting with their crush of the week, I put in all of my effort and tried to learn everything I could. I even remember asking mum to buy more butter and flour so I could spend my Sunday afternoon practising how to make shortcrust pastry!

I entered the hospitality industry after school and spent the next seven years as a barista, bartender, cafe manager and functions supervisor. While I loved being front of house, I was always curious as to what the chefs were up to and often snuck into the kitchen to learn a bit about what they were doing - and I could usually get them to slip me a spare lamb cutlet or piece of pork belly in return for a macchiato (sorry boss)! 

Along with those years in the industry, my love of food is continually influenced by the vast array of food media - particularly print magazines and TV shows, but increasingly other food bloggers and indie producers/publishers. My aim is to join and collaborate with those who are influencing Australia's food scene, and to continue telling Australia's food stories with both images and words.

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