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The Ultimate Foolproof Panna Cotta - with Chocolate Crumb and Candied Orange Zest [RECIPE]

The Ultimate Foolproof Panna Cotta - with Chocolate Crumb and Candied Orange Zest [RECIPE]

As a kid, I never had much of a sweet tooth – I hardly ever ordered dessert when we went out for dinner, and mum even says she used to find Easter eggs from two years ago when she cleaned my room! I’d have happily traded away a chocolate bar for a packet of chips any day of the week.

These days, however, desserts have well and truly got my attention, and I'm sure it’s got something to do with how much the dessert game has evolved over the last decade. In days gone by, the standard dessert menu would have featured some sort of gooey chocolate cake, a crème brulee, a cheesecake, a flourless option, and perhaps a pudding or soufflé. Add a drizzle of coulis and a dab of whipped cream, and that was it. There wasn’t too much differentiation going on, and you just hoped that what you ordered was going to be better than the place down the road.

But it’s a different world now. Desserts are as salty as they are sweet, the textures and visuals deliberately toy with your mind, and flavours like yuzu, matcha, popcorn and maple bacon reign supreme. Every restaurant’s doing something so unique and imaginative that reading through a modern dessert menu is like browsing eHarmony profiles – you don't know what's going to appear before your eyes until you see it!

It’s through this evolution that my repressed sweet tooth has broken free, and now I can’t help but order one or two desserts to see what mind-blowing creation the chef has come up with. I’ve even started to appreciate the old school classics, with my newest addiction being anything that’s got the words ‘panna cotta’ somewhere in the lengthy description.

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