Elemental | Braddon, Canberra

Elemental | Braddon, Canberra

Every couple of years, whether we’re ready for them or not, a new wave of food trends gradually descends upon us. They range from being a whole genre of food (Vietnamese street food, Japanese izakaya, American BBQ), standalone menu items (ramen, cronuts, burgers) specific flavours or ingredients (miso, offal, soft shell crab, sriracha, matcha, salted caramel), or techniques and methods (sous vide, fermenting, raw).

(P.S. If you want to see which food trends have dominated the last 30-40 years, check out the New York Times’ ‘Fried Calamari’ index!)

Recent years have increasingly seen food trends based around health and nutrition, convincing us that a certain type of diet or lifestyle will help us live to 140, shed a few spare tyres, or just feel more energised and ready to take on the world. One of the more popular of these diets, billed as the ‘healthiest way you can eat’, is of course, the paleo diet.

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