Canberra's funniest street names

And now for something completely different, here’s one from the archives from when I first started writing for OutInCanberra. It was the first non-venue-specific piece I created and I remember wondering at the time how the hell it got published. Oh well. It did, and I’m still here. Enjoy.

Have you ever been looking at Google Maps and wondered what the people responsible for street names were thinking (or smoking) when they came up with gems like Wanka Road (near Toowoomba) or Tittybong Street (in central Victoria)? Not to be left out of the fun, Canberra’s got its own group of street names that will have you doing a double take.

We’ve consulted the historical book, Canberra’s Suburb and Street Names, to discover the true meanings behind some of our favourite roads.


Bogan Place, Kaleen
Property prices in this street have boomed ever since Today/Tonight set up a permanent production set there. A great place to pick up second hand UFC memorabilia and get travel tips for Phuket and Koh Samui.

Iron Knob Street, Fyshwick
Currently home to the Canberra Outlet Centre, but there are rumours that a men’s health clinic that dispenses little blue pills is soon to replace it.

Cumming Place, Wanniassa
Where you go after visiting the men’s health clinic on Iron Knob Street. Census data from 2011 revealed this as the happiest street in Canberra, even after adjusting for the fact that it’s in Wanniassa.

De Mole Street, Dunlop
A heightened level of paranoia reigns supreme here as residents are convinced that one of their neighbours is out to sabotage them, with one even installing a Crimsafe door and CCTV cameras on his green rubbish bin. But is he the mole?

Lads Place, Dunlop
Current waiting area for those looking to move into Bogan Place. A gated community where the official uniform is two Nautica or Industrie polos with at least one the collars popped, a pair of white Nikes from Foot Locker, and a healthy rat’s tail (i.e. at least 3 cigarettes long).

Calculus Lane, Campbell (Duntroon)
Considered by international students as the ‘hotspot’ to go and read maths textbooks until the wee hours of the morning, which explains why the ADFA bins are always full of empty cup noodles and disposable chopsticks.

Purves Place, Conder
Residents of this street own more thermal and X-ray binoculars than an SAS unit, and are often seen getting to Mooseheads early so they can get a seat at the window up on the top floor.

Cockburn Street, Curtin
Supposedly it’s pronounced ‘Coburn’, but only people living there seem to be arguing this. Everyone else is just saying ‘cock-burn’, because that’s how primary school taught us to say it.

Sanger Street, Franklin

Mrs Hamilton at Number 47 makes a mean ham, cheese and tomato sanger – just remember to keep your elbows off the table or you’ll get a slap!