Design files: The Meat & Wine Co, Barangaroo

With inviting leather booths, harbour views and a striking Afrocentric fitout, iconic restaurant brand The Meat & Wine Co recently opened its flagship venue at Barangaroo. The new restaurant introduces new urban designs and a revamped menu; however, many of The Meat & Wine Co's mainstays remain, such as the use of heritage dining elements, and a familiar selection of contemporary dishes with a touch of South African flavours.


Of particular interest is the restaurant’s design, draws from both Aboriginal and African traditions. Visual cues are reflected in some of the architectural elements of the spaces, such as the ceiling installations crafted from wooden paddles; while South African vibes are infused through the textures, tonalities and finishes.

As well as the expansive seating across both floors of the restaurant, there are a number of self-contained private dining rooms for groups of various sizes. Whisky enthusiasts will no doubt be drawn to the dedicated Whisky Room, which houses (seemingly) endless bottles of Glenmorangie, and is decorated with striking finishes such as hand-stitched leather and handmade furniture from South Africa.