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While visiting Sydney last weekend, Miss T and I found ourselves on the western side of the CBD around lunchtime (or rather, late lunchtime as it was already 2pm). We knew that there was nothing that would satisfy our near-‘hangriness’ better than a big, juicy, burger. However, that’s where we were faced with a difficult decision – Mary’s CBD or Burger Project?

Having heard mixed reviews of both, and having tried neither (including the original Mary’s in Newtown), we opted for Mary’s CBD simply because it was closer. So we wandered down Castlereagh Street to find the almost-hole-in-a-wall Mary’s and a few customers outside patiently waiting for their burger goodness. 

A quick look at the menu (4 burger offerings – Mary’s Burger, Cheeseburger, Chicken Burger, or Veg Burger) and we both knew that a Cheeseburger each ($10 for a single burger) was for us. Add on a side of fries and a peanut butter and honey shake ($19 for a burger, fries and shake), and we were on our way after a short 5 minute wait.

Mary’s CBD is takeaway-only, so we took our stash across to Hyde Park and set up camp on a bench seat, much to the delight of the nearby birds who showed us little respect in spite of us being about 400 times their body weight.

 Upon unwrapping the burger, I was a little surprised at its size. It was only slightly bigger than a McDonalds cheeseburger and I had expected something a bit more substantial. However, the burger tasted really good – there was a slight flame grilled flavour and the pattie felt fresh and made from good quality meat (I’d recently made hamburgers straight from chuck steak so I had something to compare it to). Add on the standard ketchup, American mustard, pickle and onion, and it’s hard to go wrong.

 The fries were a good mix of crispy and a few soggy ones (which we all secretly love), and we’d grabbed a little cup of mustard and ketchup to dip them in. The peanut butter and honey shake was super thick, just like you’d expect, and a perfect accompaniment.

MCKMPO? Meat, cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onion.

All in all, Mary’s CBD is a decent burger option in the city. For $19 (with the fries and shake) you could definitely go somewhere else and feel more full though, given the size of the burger. Keen to check out Burger Project now and compare!

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