Up to Gilbraltar Peak | Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, ACT

26 years living in Canberra and i'm ashamed to say that i've only been out to Tidbinbilla once (well - now, twice!). As Canberrans, we're lucky to have so much wildlife and bushland surrounding the city, and for me it's definitely been the case of somewhere like Tidbinbilla being so close and accessible that means you never quite get around to getting out there.

And so with a couple of long weekends upon us, what better time to go for a bit of a bushwalk and get away from racing around town. It was a crisp ANZAC day that we started our walk from Dalsetta, through the Eliza Saddle and finally up to Gibraltar Peak for a couple of pastrami sandwiches. According to Wikipedia, Gibraltar Peak is the 45th highest 'mountain' in the ACT with its lofty elevation of 1,038m, so not really worthy of peak bagging (which is something else i just discovered on wikipedia, although it sounds like it belongs more on urban dictionary...).

Nevertheless, the view was quite amazing- and as the sound of the F/A-18 Hornet flyover echoed through the valley, it was great to be in touch with nature again (and a little unsettling how close the roos get to you!).

looking back towards the space station

2014__Anzac 6144.jpg