cambodia pt 2 - food, the old fashioned way

as we headed west out of phnom penh towards the small town of battambang (about 100km from the thai border), the dusty, pothole-ridden back streets of the city turned into a super-green expanse of countryside. it didn't matter that our bus was playing video clips of cambodian pop music ( google 'khmer rap boyz') or that the driver didn't lay off the horn for the entire 5 hour trip - nothing could draw your attention from the view out the window.

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just another day at work

it was a far cry from home to watch battambang's local industry go about its business. as i watched each fish getting chopped, dried and ground into fish paste by hand, and each ball of rice batter individually rolled and cut into noodles, i imagined what the locals would think about my tinned tuna or packet noodles with a two year shelf life. 

and then i can't remember what i thought of next because the smell of 2000 fresh fish sitting out in the warm, open air took over my brain.  

she knows her way around a fish - there would have been a few thousand of these sitting behind her ready for the chopping block

getting some vitamin D

fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads

making rice noodles