a little trip to murrumbateman

if you made me choose between living in the city or the country, i'd probably choose the city every time (although ask me again when i have the luxury of being retired and am 'fed up with the youth of today' and i might answer differently). that said, there's plenty to love about the country, and for photographers - that includes the awesome scenery that you just don't see in the city (okay... canberra).

murrumbateman has always been a fascinating area to me, and it was great to get out there without wine on the agenda - not that a riesling wouldn't have gone down nicely! as hard as we tried, and within the capabilities of my mazda 3, we couldn't get any closer to the canola field, but i'm told there's plenty more around...

2013_10_ 3023.jpg
2013_10_ 3037.jpg